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FAST TRACK Personal Chef Training Seminars - Option C -

If you want the ultimate in "how to" start your own Personal Chef Service, then the "live" Seminar is the answer for you.

Join other new members for a 2-day Seminar lead by a successful working Personal Chef who can answer all your questions "live." This Seminar digs deep into the Personal Chef Service Program and provides the greatest level of detail and interraction with other Personal Chefs you can get! Upon completing this "live" Seminar, you'll receive an APPCA Certificate of Seminar Completion.

By attending a "live" Seminar, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Thoroughly cover the entire Personal Chef Service program -- "one bite at a time" -- with detailed explanations by a successful working Personal Chef.
  • Ask specific questions and apply this knowlege to your specific business.
  • Gain confidence, cameraderie and further insights from interracting with other Personal Chefs.

APPCA's Live Seminar (Option C) includes:

  • The two-day IMPACTFUL presentation with ample time and opportunity for your Q&As
  • All training materials and benefits listed in ("Option A")
  • the Professional Personal Chef Training Manual entitled
    "The Business of Doing Business as a Personal Chef
  • NEW BONUS: A copy of The Definitive Textbook for Personal Chefs - "The Professional Personal Chef"
  • Mastercook Deluxe 9.0 Complete Recipe and Nutrition Manager software. NO Annual LEASING FEES: You own and keep all your recipes/menus securely on your computer's hard drive and includes the new exclusive Web Import Bar that makes gathering recipes revolutionary!
  • 1500 personal chef tested recipes in 6 Cookbooks in Mastercook electronic format
  • Personal Chef Office  - Online business tools software for personal chefs, caterers and private chefs. Works seemlessly with your 1500 tested Mastercook recipes and cookbooks.
  • 1st year membership in American Personal & Private Chef Association
  • Access to National association rates for A+ rated General Liability for personal chef. The most comprehensive risk coverage for your business available. See
  • Access to the private Members Discussion Forum: The comprehensive knowledge base for the personal chef industry. (Over 1,500 more recipes from The Recipe for Succe$$ Forum.)
  • INSTANT INTERNET PRESENCE through your Web referral page linked from PERSONALCHEF.COM's Front Page &
    Start getting clients contacts immediately with your presence at the top of the major search engines!

And much more.....

Upcoming Seminars!
Personal Chef Seminar
March 17-18
Personal Chef Seminar
May 13-14
Personal Chef Seminar
July 22-23
Personal Chef Seminar
September 16-17
Personal Chef Seminar
November 11-12
Call 800-644-8389 to register for our Live Seminar or register online

Here's a testimonial letter from a recent graduate:

Thank you so much for providing a seminar with substance! It is a relief to know there are pros out there willing to teach and share without gouging me on a price for a personal chef training program. I already KNOW how to cook, what I needed to know was how to set up and operate a successful business.

I did the research on groups and when I discovered the APPCA is the group that originated the 2-day jump start seminars that have been copied and that the APPCA has been teaching the 2-day seminars for over 10 years, I knew I was in good hands.

What a seminar! The written materials and the commitment and professionalism of the seminar leaders made all the difference. I loved the APPCA seminar, and I know I am going to love being a successful personal chef. Thank you for your hard work and commitment to helping people like myself live the lives we love.

Many thanks,
Chef David

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